About Me and this Blog

Welcome! I’m a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. I study how we construct and circulate beliefs and values about nuclear weapons.

This blog is intended as a space for interacting with interested folk, sharing my research, and getting my thoughts in order.

If you’d like great rewards and/or to support my work please consider:


2 thoughts on “About Me and this Blog

  1. I am a science writer/journalist in Utah. I’m currently investigating a situation involving the alleged mishandling of radioactive waste, and I’m looking for someone who could help explain to me the proper procedure for building a tailings cell to dispose of potentially radioactive waste. Your name came up as someone who might be able to help. Could you shoot me an email of you are willing?

    1. Hi Emma,

      I regret to say that this is not my area. You may wish to touch base with either the Los Alamos Study Group or the Southwest Information Research Center (SRIC). Both should show up if you google their names.


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